7 Creative Ideas To Try In Quarantine

During the pandemic we’re facing, your temper and character will be tested. Boredom, anxiety, depression, lack of hope – those can become part of your life. You can’t go outside, you can’t see your friends or family, and you may be stuck with someone you don’t like. 

You’re not the only one. 

There are some ways to reduce and even abolish this negative state you may slip in. One of them is the act of being creative.

What does creativity mean?

7 creative ideas to try in quarantine coronavirus covid19

To be creative is to make something out of your imagination, using the skill you have. It can be something physical, digital, or anything idea-related. You can turn even a urinal into something interesting. 

This isn’t an endeavor just for privileged people or real artists. And, of course, creativity isn’t only art-related. To be frank, you can be creative in any profession or area you pick. Economics, woodworking, writing, construction, sports, you name it. 

You can also call it play. That’s because you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously when you’re trying to make something. From playing, beautiful things can arise.

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How does making stuff helps you? 

Being creative is a form of mediation. When you emerge in the doing, your brain gets in that state of flow. Time flies, and you can even forget eating or drinking for hours. The anxiety is also diminished, and you feel improvements in your mood. Sounds like it’s something to embrace in isolation, right?

Where should you begin?

I’ve put below 7 creative ideas to try for yourself in quarantine. You can change or modify them as much as you wish. You don’t have to make a piece of art out of any. The only thing you have to do is to stick to the process for at least 10 days. After those 10 days, compare your overall mood to the day before you’ve started. 

  1. Take a piece of paper and draw something you’re seeing in your room. It can be anything: a cup, your TV, a window, even yourself. One object per day it’s a great start.
  2. Grab your phone and take pictures from your window. When doing this, try as many variations as possible. Pick just one image from that day and publish it to a social media channel. Do this again tomorrow.
  3. Create a journal, or call it however you wish. Write at least 1000 words every day. What should you write? Anything that comes to your mind.
  4. Start a vlog. Make it ridiculously simple: grab your phone, put it on a drawer for steadiness, then press record. Talk about any subject that sparks your interest, then upload it to YouTube/Instagram/TikTok/Facebook. 
  5. Start a podcast. You don’t want to film yourself, but you still have something to say? A podcast might be the best medium for you. You only need your smartphone. Download the Anchor app (Android and iOS) and get going! 
  6. Learn to code. Platforms like Khan Academy, Code Academy, or even YouTube are great places to start!
  7. Change your home looks. This is a great time to reinvent the space you’re living in. You will find lots of DIY ideas on Pinterest and all over the internet.

The point is to challenge yourself. Make something you’ve never done before, and don’t forget to have fun. Otherwise, what’s the point?

P.S. – You can check my self-portrait in isolation photography project on Instagram @cosmincimil, or follow the hashtag #cimilisolated.

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