Choosing the right things

One of the most overlooked things in life may be the power of choice. You always get to choose, even when reading these words. Your life can be changed by the smallest choice, yet sometimes you embrace passive decision making. 

Don’t worry, many of us are victims of circumstances. Too comfortable to embody boldness, we boil in our soup. Then, we take it to the next level and complain. It can be so subtle, that you have no idea you’re doing it. 

We lose sight of the essential decisions because there are too many to take. With our time and attention span so narrow, it’s very easy to miss the point. Maybe we should analyze deeper and move slower, or to think more and act less. If we don’t do this, we risk losing our time and energy to other people or to activities we don’t like doing. We have to stop saying yes to everything. 

Today, I choose to start this blog

This is my new home on the internet. You’re welcome to pass by, whenever you feel I may help you in some way or another. Or when you wish to connect. I won’t have coffee, but I’ll have stuff that will make you witty! 

Here are some things you’ll find in my home, and the subjects I’ll write about: 

  1. Storytelling and Creativity
    Being creative and knowing how to tell stories are two of the most important things for me. Storytelling took me a while to understand. Because of that, I’ll share what I’ve learned and my thoughts on these topics. 
  1. Photography and Video Creation 
    The craft of image-making. How to speak universal languages almost every human being understands. This is how I earn my living and some of my happiness. 
  1. Projects and Ideas I Work On
    The work I create and I believe is worth sharing. 
  1. Self-development & Book Recommendations
    Practices, habits, and books that can help you become a better human.
  1. Odd stuff that may entertain you
    Drugs and illegal substances. Weird and uncommon people, facts, and things I find on the internet. Mostly art-related.

With this blog, I want to become a better earthling. Or at least I’ll practice writing. I think it’s a good habit to adopt in isolation. 

And it’s a choice I want to make. 

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